Sunday, July 29, 2007

Joffre NorthWest Ridge

Climbing the NW Ridge

Descending the glacier towards Joffre Lake

Joffre Lake
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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Matt & Dora Wedding

The Fairytale Couple Center Stage

Sabette & Meg: anyone seen the canary?

Alison giving Jim some smiling lessons in preparations for the
big day next week.

Teressa & JT lighting the dance floor up.

Rob moving in on the action.

Team Goliath and the Wild one trip the light fantastic.

Jeanette & T

Let's get ready to rumble.............

K squared cut down some tile.

North Twin Sister and Midnight Rescue

Part 1: mountain bike up casual logging road.

Suck up stunning views of North Twin. Notice the right hand rock
ridge (perfect scrambling) and the left hand snow slope (exit stage
left for glorious glassading).

Zee scrambles

Tom Files imitation

Summit time: Rob & Doug with Baker in the background.

Jacquie & Molly boot skiing.

The crew at the end of the glissade (I'm sure there is a trail
around here somewhere......)

Our drive back home was interrupted by a callout for an injured
hiker on the lions. The crew mounting up after a quick flight onto
the ridge (thanks to Talon Helicopters).

All packaged up and ready for the 6 hr carry back to the cars.....

Nightmare Rock

Chris Christie showed up with the full camera rig,
rapped in and shot some photos of us on Perspecitive.

Julie cranking.

Great Grand Daddy Overhang

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Washington Pass, Canada Day Weekend

Liberty Bell Group From the East

Luisa Scramble Approach to Liberty Crack

Seconding Pitch 1

Lithuanian Lip

Luisa Seconding above the Lithuanian Lip

Deluxe Belay

Summit Celebration

Looping back to the Truck